"Phew! Recruiting is thirsty work! Could you go get me some Faction Potion with your new Faction Tokens?"- Nexus Jay

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Faction Tokens are used for buying Faction gear. Rank 1 gear costs 25 tokens, Rank 2, 60, and Rank 3 gear costs 180 tokens. Gear that fits in both hands, but is sold as one piece, costs double the usual amount. After joining a faction, faction tokens will tend to appear after smashing enemies.

Stromling Pirates and Stromling Admirals as well as Dark Ronin, Stromling Ape and Maelstrom Horsemen are commonly smashed for these reasons, due to the fact that the probability of gaining 1 token from each of these enemies is slightly over half, and the probability of gaining 2 tokens from Stromling Admirals and Maelstrom Horsemen are a 50-50 deal.

Contrary to popular belief, smashing bosses or mini-bosses does not necessarily grant any amount of tokens; in fact the Maelstrom Dragons are the least smashed for tokens, as the amount of tokens dropped is low compared to the time required to defeat them

Often if a player stores tokens in the Vault, they have been known to disappear. LEGO has traced the problem to purchasing faction gear. If tokens are stored in the vault, and players proceed to buy an item with faction tokens, the amount will be deducted not from the player's backpack, but from the vault. For example, if an item costs 180 tokens, 180 tokens will be taken from the vault. LEGO has addressed the problem as an unexpected benefit, and claimed that a fix would arrive soon, however was not top priority since the player was not really losing tokens. However, this fix will not arrive because of LU's closure.

Faction Tokens

Item Name How to get Description Picture
Single Token
Smashing most enemies Round and has the faction logo on it. AssemblyToken
Achievements and missions. The Bag is worth 5 faction tokens. Bag of Faction Tokens
Large Bag
Achievements and missions. The Big Bag is worth 10 faction tokens. Bag of Faction Tokens
Very Large Bag
Achievements and missions. The Very Large Bag is worth 15 faction tokens. Bag of Faction Tokens
Extra Large Bag
Achievements and missions. The Extra Large Bag is worth 20 faction tokens. Bag of Faction Tokens
Mega Bag
Some accompilshments. With monthly membership purchase or renewal. The Mega Bag is worth 50 faction tokens. Bag of Faction Tokens
Super-Mega Bag
Some accomplishments. With six month membership purchase or renewal. The Super-Mega Bag is worth 100 faction tokens. Bag of Faction Tokens
Ultra-Mega Bag
Some acheivements or a one year membership purchase or renewal. The Ultra-Mega Bag is worth 200 faction tokens. Bag of Faction Tokens


  • In beta, faction tokens were no more than a picture of the faction's logo. The original Assembly token can still be seen in-game, when completing Crate Job! for Rad Eccles, as it falls from the crate.
  • Prior to the Crux Prime update, the token description read "Spend this token at the Assembly/Venture League/Paradox/Sentinel Faction vendor." It now reads "Spend this token at a Assembly/Venture League/Paradox/Sentinel Faction vendor." This was partly in anticipation of Nexus Tower and because tokens can be spent at Heimlich Stewblaster.
  • After the Nexus Tower update, another Faction Vendor was added that players can spend faction tokens on.
  • Until the April 29, 2010 update, Faction tokens could be traded between players of the same faction.
  • During the give aways prior to Lego Universe's closure, when unreleased valiant weapons where given out, if the player sold them, they would be able to get tokens from another faction, however they could not be used.
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