Farnham Spoon
Farnham Spoon
Theme Vendor
World Nimbus Station
Quote "Oh man, it smells like sour sushi in here."

Farnham Spoon is a Supplies Vendor whose shop is found in the Race Place.

After players join a faction, Farnham Spoon's shipment of fish goes bad. Determined not to let his supplies go to waste, Farnham Spoon asks players to purchase five of the Stinky Fish and feed them to the sharks off the coast of Nimbus Station. If players succeed in this task, Farnham Spoon thanks them for their help. As his shipments of fish frequently go bad, Farnham Spoon offers this mission on a daily basis.

As revealed in a Rushaplooza Pamphlet, Farnham's Spoonery and Duddsmith's Fantastic Frock sponsored the Vertigo Loop Racetrack Rushaplooza event.[1]


Items for Sale at this Location

Item Price (Coins) Required Level Stats Ability Picture
Hiccup Tablets Coin 35 Restores 3 Imagination Hiccup
Notion Potion Coin 60 Restores 6 Imagination Notion Potion
Strong Notion Potion Coin 100 5 Restores 10 Imagination Strong notion
Thirst Quencher Coin 60 Restores 12 Imagination over time Thirst Quencher Icon
Armor Polish Coin 40 Repairs 4 Armor Armor Polish
Armor Shine Coin 70 5 Repairs 7 Armor Armor Shine
Healing Banana Coin 20 Heals 2 Life Healing bannana
Healing Chery Coin 40 5 Heals 4 Life Healing cherry
Healing Drumstick Coin 40 Heals 4 Life Healing drumstick
Quicksicle Coin 25 Speed Boost for 15 seconds Quicksicle
Buttery Croissant Coin 80 Restores 4 Imagination and 4 Life Buttery
Red Imaginite Coin 100 Use of Wishing Wells cost one Red Imaginite Crystal Red Imaginite Crystal
Stinky Fish Coin 35 Toss a Stinky Fish that either A. Feeds Sharks if thrown accurately, or B. Make other players or objects smell bad Tnik
Un-Stink Potion Coin 35 10 Removes Skunk stink Unstink
BBQ Blast Hot Dog Coin 30 5 "Fire Cone", does 3 damage AoE Bbg hot dog
Firecracker Coin 30 Tosses explosive, does 3 damage AoE Firecracker

Beta Information

In alpha testing, Farnham Spoon was unnamed and used a pre-alpha character model with green Exo-Force hair, blue Shirt with Vest, and light blue Pants. In early beta testing, Farnham Spoon was named OLD Vendor, used the same model as Sofia Amalgam at the time, and sold the same inventory as Cecil Eyetwitch. Very briefly during beta testing, Farnham Spoon was named Race Consumable Vendor. Like all other Supply Vendors, he retained the title of Consumable Vendor until the Ninjago Monastery update.


  1. Contest: Vertigo Loop Rushaplooza!


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