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Fermie LaBoosh
Fermie LaBoosh
Theme Pirates
World Gnarled Forest
Quote "Looking fer Pirate wares, ye swashbuckling seadevil?"[1]
Weapon/Tool Flintlock Pistol

Fermie LaBoosh is a pirate Gear Vendor NPC at the Pirate Camp in Gnarled Forest.

Fermie LaBoosh stands outside her shack near the launchpad to Nimbus Station, where she sells various consumables and gear for players to buy. Fermie's inventory includes Cups of Yo, Tasty Fish, and Hot Chocolate, which can be used in Johnny Umami's recipes for Yucki-Yaki, Bento Blocks, and Rockolate Bars.

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Items for Sale at this Location

Item Price Required Level Stats Ability Picture
Strong Notion Potion Coin 100 5 Restores 10 Imagination Strong notion
Armor Polish Coin 40 Repairs 4 Armor Armor Polish
Armor Shine Coin 70 5 Repairs 7 Armor Armor Shine
Hot Chocolate Coin 40 Heals 4 Life Hot chocolate
Healing Chery Coin 40 5 Heals 4 Life Healing cherry
Tasty Fish Coin 40 Heals 4 Life Tasty Fish
Quicksicle Coin 25 Speed Boost for 15 seconds Quicksicle
Cup of Yo Coin 335 10

Restore s up to 5 Life , 10 Imagination and 10 Armor over time

Peppy's Black Mug
Hardtack Biscuit Coin 60 Max Life +2 temporarily Biscuit
Bag of Peanuts Coin 10

Required to tame Elephan pet

Bag peanuts
Green Imaginite Coin25 All minigames cost one Green Imaginite Crystal to play Green Imaginite Crystal
Flash Bang Coin 10 Knocks back all nearby enemies Flash
Boom Trap Kit Coin 20 Drops a quickbuild mine that deals 5 damage to enemies Boom Trap Kit
Worthy Knife Coin 2,000 10 1 + 1 + 3 6851 60x60
Worthy Large Axe Coin 2,000 10 1 + 1 + 3 2615 60x60
Superior Composite Mace Coin 4,500 10 1 + 2 + 3 3121 60x60
Superior Lance Coin 4,500 10 1 + 2 + 3 Superior Lance
Improved Revolver Coin 5,000 1 + 1 + 2 Projectile, each shot costs 1 Imagination Revolver
Buckler Shield Coin 1,925 5 Armor +1 Imagination-orb +1 6849 60x60
Blue Space Helmet Coin 1,425 Armor +1 Imagination-orb +0 Bluespacehelm
Morion Helmet Coin 1,925 Armor +1 Imagination-orb +1 Morion Helmet
Red Shako Hat Coin 4,750 20 Armor +3 Imagination-orb +0 Red shako hat
Black Neck Scarf Coin 1,925 10 Armor +1 Imagination-orb +1 Black Neck Scarf
Female Pirate Shirt Coin 3,425 15 Armor +2 Imagination-orb +2 Female Pirate Shirt
Khakis Coin 1,425 15 Armor +2 Imagination-orb +0 8646 60x60

Beta Information

In alpha testing and early beta testing, Fermie LaBoosh was an unnamed male Pirate Vendor from the pre-alpha phase. The Pirate Vendor wore a red bandanna, a light-brown coat over a red-white striped shirt, and blue pants. He was very briefly named "Camp Accessory Vendor" in early beta testing. The Pirate Vendor was later given a No Ninjas Shirt shortly before being replaced by Fermie LaBoosh.

The then-unnamed Fermie LaBoosh, known as simply "Accessory Vendor", replaced the Pirate Vendor. Her appearance was similar to her current model, but she wore a Fish Skeleton Shirt and often had her arms crossed with an annoyed expression on her face. She was later given a classic-style Female Pirate Shirt which had white sleeves. She retained her crossed arms and annoyed expression for most of beta testing before she was given a cheerier demeanor.

In the final trunk build of LEGO Universe, Fermie LaBoosh was given dialogue. However, because LEGO Universe was announced to close, the upcoming patch was never released, and Fermie LaBoosh was never given dialogue in the released game.[1]


  • Fermie LaBoosh's name is a pun on the French phrase "Fermez la bouche", meaning "be quiet" or more literally "shut your mouth".


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