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Gary Grogowitz
Theme Pirates
World Forbidden Valley
Quote "I know I'm a hefty lad, but they gotta have some Ninja clothes my size."
Weapon/Tool Cutlass

Gary Grogowitz is a Pirate Spy hiding in Forbidden Valley.

Gary Grogowitz, Georgie Timbershivers, and Robbie Jibhanger were given pieces of Captain Jack Knife's treasure map for safekeeping. However, the three Pirate Spies traveled to Forbidden Valley and got lost. Afraid of being caught by Ninjas, Gary Grogowitz hid on a cliff ledge overlooking the Paradox Refinery.

When found, Gary Grogowitz asks players to find him Pirate-Sized Ninja Clothes so that he can disguise himself as a Ninja and escape Forbidden Valley. After players purchase the disguise from Kammy Kazei, Gary Grogowitz rewards them with his piece of Jack Knife's map. Embarrassed of changing in front of players, he tells them to look away while he changes out of his pirate rags and into the Pirate-Sized Ninja Clothes.

When players return to the cliff ledge, Gary Grogowitz will be gone, having presumably escaped Forbidden Valley in the Ninja disguise.


Beta Information

In early beta testing, Gary Grogowitz was unnamed. Instead, he was identified as Lost Pirate 2, despite the fact that he is the third of the three Pirate Spies to be found.


  • Gary Grogowitz's surname is a pun on grog, a drink commonly used by pirates, and Rogowitz, a common surname.
  • Gary Grogowitz asks players to leave while he changes so they do not see his "fish-white belly". Ironically, his pirate shirt shows much of his torso anyways.


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