Gathermaster Klex
Ninja 2
Theme Paradox
World Forbidden Valley
Quote "To acquire new things, one must be ready to explore and discover."
Weapon/Tool Halberd

Gathermaster Klex is a Paradox Ninja who trains players in the art of gathering.

Master Fong Shader sends players to prove themselves to Gathermaster Klex before he can let them speak with Numb Chuck. To train players in the art of gathering, Gathermaster Klex tells players to find and smash every Bell Shrine in Forbidden Valley and collect bricks of the Maelstrom Hammer from the loot of each shrine. When players return having succeeded in this task, Gathermaster Klex forges the Maelstrom Hammer and gives it to players, sending his approval to Master Fong Shader.

Later, players can return to Gathermaster Klex for more lessons in gathering. Collaborating with Brickmaster Clang, Gathermaster Klex plans to free the four Ninja Prisoners from Brig Rock. He tells players to gather sixteen Bricks 1x1 Round, which can be purchased from the Brick Vendor Shu Fitts in the Paradox Refinery. When players return with the bricks, Gathermaster Klex sends players to talk to Brickmaster Clang for the next step of the jailbreak.


Beta Information

Although Gathermaster Klex was unnamed for most of beta testing, he was identified as the Collect Ninja in The Ninja Masters mission. Throughout beta testing, Gathermaster Klex wore a Black Ninja Hood, a classic Red Ninja Gi, and Red Pants.

Following the Nexus Jawbox update, Gathermaster Klex's Tan Pants has been changed to white. However, seeing as numerous other NPCs were inexplicably given white clothes in this update, this may have been an unintentional glitch that was never corrected before LEGO Universe's closure.


  • Gathermaster Klex appears to be the successor of the Ninja Bricksmith, as evidenced by the fact that they both sent players on missions to gather four bricks to build a hammer. Additionally, Gathermaster Klex's forge is recycled from the Dragon Forge where the Bricksmith worked.


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