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Georgie Timbershivers
Theme Pirate
World Forbidden Valley
Quote "Goodbye pirate rags, I won't miss yer smell!"
Weapon/Tool Scimitar

Georgie Timbershivers is a Pirate Spy hiding in Forbidden Valley.

Georgie Timbershivers, Robbie Jibhanger, and Gary Grogowitz were given pieces of Captain Jack Knife's treasure map for safekeeping. However, the three Pirate Spies traveled to Forbidden Valley and got lost. Afraid of being caught by Ninjas, Georgie Timbershivers took refuge on a ledge overlooking Mantis Rock.

Georgie Timbershivers can only be accessed by smashing a crate and Quick Building a Crow's Nest. Georgie asks players to find him Pirate-Sized Ninja Clothes so that he can disguise himself as a Ninja and escape Forbidden Valley. After players purchase the disguise from Kammy Kazei, Georgie Timbershivers rewards them with his piece of Jack Knife's map. He tells them to look away while he changes out of his pirate rags and into the Pirate-Sized Ninja Clothes.

When players return to Mantis Rock, Georgie Timbershivers will be gone, having presumably escaped Forbidden Valley in the Ninja disguise.


Beta Information

In early beta testing, Georgie Timbershivers was unnamed. Instead, he was simply identified as Lost Pirate 1.

In beta testing, the Brown First Mate's Shirt worn by Georgie Timbershivers had a red torso and red sleeves. Although his torso and sleeves were recolored brown in late beta, his artwork used for the X Marks the Spot mission still erroneously depicts him with his beta coloring.


  • Georgie Timbershiver's surname is a play on the pirate exclamation "Shiver me timbers!", which is used to express surprise or annoyance.


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