Gnarled Forest Survival
World Gnarled Forest
Enemies Stromling Pirates, Stromling Admirals, Stromling Apes

Gnarled Forest Survival was a minigame accessible in alpha testing.

Gnarled Forest Survival took place at the Maelstrom Trench in Gnarled Forest, and, like Avant Gardens Survival, the goal of the game was to stay alive for as long as possible, while Stromlings continually spawned and attempted to smash players. Up to four players could play in an instance of the minigame at a time.

Gnarled Forest Survival was intended to be accessed by completing a mission given by Renee Tombcrusher. Renee explained that an Idol had been stolen from some nearby ruins, and tasked players with building a new one at a nearby Showcase, then placing it on a nearby pedestal. However, this was never fully implemented in-game, and instead, only the pedestal existed in the world. Despite this, a glitch allowed players to access the minigame despite it not being officially released. The pedestal was used to both accept the Showcase challenge and then, once complete, load the minigame. However, as Showcases were unfinished at the time, the pedestal counted the Showcase as complete immediately, allowing players to enter the minigame without involving Renee Tombcrusher or building the idol.

Additionally, Gnarled Forest Survival was at one point key to joining a Faction in alpha testing, as Avant Gardens Survival had not yet been released, and in order to get the Sentinel Stamp, players had to survive for one minute in a Survival minigame. As being a Faction member was not yet required to travel to worlds like Gnarled Forest, this meant players could earn their Sentinel stamp from Melodie Foxtrot by traveling to Gnarled Forest, lasting a minute in Gnarled Forest Survival, then returning to Melodie and turning in the mission.

While Gnarled Forest Survival was removed before the end of alpha testing, an achievement for building the Idol could be found in the Passport as late as mid-beta testing.

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