Grim Daisho
Grim Daisho
Main Location Crux Prime
Theme Stromlings / Named Enemies
Weapon/Tool Katana

Grim Daisho is a prominent Dark Ronin Invader found on Crux Prime. He is much harder to defeat than normal Dark Ronin invader, but does drop more loot. He can be found in most places on Crux Prime, (other than the Maelstrom Quarry) but Aura Mar is his most likely location. His health meter holds around 60.


  • Katana Swipe: Grim quickly swipes at players with his sword, dealing 4 damage.
  • Blade Combo: Grim Swipes at players three times in succession at players dealing 4+5+6 damage to players then has to "cooldown" for about three to five seconds.

Location(s) Found

Appear Chance

  • Grim Daisho tends to spawn when many other Ronin Invaders are smashed in one specific area, though this is difficult to test and confirm.



  • Daisho in Japanese refers to a special pair of katana commonly wielded by samurai.
    • Therefore, the whole name is likely a samurai play on "Grim Reaper".
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