Hammerhurl Stromling
Main Location Return to the Venture Explorer
Theme Stromlings
Weapon/Tool Hammer

Hammerhurl Stromlings are an enhanced variation of Hammer Stromling.

Hammerhurl Stromlings are physically identical to the Hammer Stromlings of the Return to the Venture Explorer and the Battle of Nimbus Station minigames. However, in addition to smashing players by using their hammer arm as a melee weapon, Hammerhurl Stromlings can also throw hammer projectiles as ranged weapons.

Hammerhurl Stromlings search the Venture Explorer for the ten Datacards and must be stopped by players who join a Nexus Force Faction. Hammerhurl Stromlings spawn in strategic positions that are harder to reach, such as on staircases or atop elevated platforms, where they can use their hammer projectiles to their advantage. Smashing Hammerhurl Stromlings counts towards missions and achievements for Hammer Stromlings.

Hammerhurl Stromlings participated in the Battle of Nimbus Station under the command of Kinga Hurl and Whack Bliddo. Unlike the Hammerhurl Stromlings aboard the Venture Explorer, these Hammerhurl Stromlings simply spawn in Nimbus Plaza instead of strategic locations. Players are sent back in time by Wenn Wuzzit to battle the Stromling army.

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Update Information

When Return to the Venture Explorer was first opened, Hammer Stromlings and Hammerhurl Stromlings in the instance were both called Hammerlings. They received their current names on February 23, 2011 with the Battle of Nimbus Station update in order to better differentiate the two variations, although early gameplay videos for the Battle of Nimbus Station still showed the Hammerhurl Stromlings identified as Hammerlings.

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