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Hari Howzen
Hari Howzen
Theme Ninjago Guard
World Ninjago Monastery
Quote "I can't stand all that whining and howling! And that's just from me!"
Weapon/Tool Battle Axe

Hari Howzen is a Ninjago Monastery Guard in the Cave of Ancient Ways just beyond the Ninjago Storeroom in the Ninjago Monastery. She was a villager in the Ninjago Village, but took up the post in the caves so she would be safe from Skeletons, but was disappointed to find the caves even more scary and unsafe.

Hari is supposed to be a Ninja, but is considered to be the worst one in Ninjago by her comrades. When the Ninjago villagers, led by Bozu Roku were captured by the skeletons, Hari was too terrified to follow. She sends players to find Bozu to free the villagers.

When they complete her mission, she offers daily missions to free the villagers, collect flowers from above ground, get food from Johnny Umami and smash Skulkin in the caves.


  • Hari Howzen's name is a tribute to Ray Harryhausen, a stop-motion animator who specialized in monsters.
  • She envies Toshiro Gojira's job.
  • Bozu Roku claims that the player is as brave as Hari Howzen. He then adds that Hari isn't very brave.
  • Johnny Umami baked Hari's first birthday cake. It had fish in it.


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