Heimlich Stewblaster
Theme LEGO City
World Crux Prime
Quote "My tale will have to come to a pause for now – there are thirsty Minifigures waiting! To them, ol' Heimlich and his Thirst Quenchers are the heroes!" [1]
Weapon/Tool Knapsack

Heimlich Stewblaster is a Supplies Vendor who wanders back and forth around Studburst Pass.

According to a Nexus Force Plaque, Heimlich Stewblaster's origins are shrouded in mystery, as the Nexus Force has no knowledge of how Heimlich came to Crux Prime. He is found in Studburst Pass, a safe canyon between Sentinel Point Zeta and Aura Mar, where he is always willing to provide aid to travelling Nexus Force soldiers. Among the supplies he sells are faction consumables, making him the only non-Faction Vendor to sell these items, and Cherry Blasts, which can be used in Johnny Umami's Flame-Roasted Popsicle recipe.

After his crash, Sherland Powers caught a glimpse of Heimlich Stewblaster and smelled his BBQ Drumsticks. Having a sudden craving for BBQ, the Nexus Force Pilot sends players to find Heimlich and buy him a BBQ Drumstick.

Heimlich Stewblaster once witnessed a team consisting of an Adventurer, a Space Ranger, a Shinobi, and an Inventor as they fought together against Stromlings, neutralized a nest of Dark Spiderling Invaders, pushed their way through Aura Mar, and had a climatic battle against Butterscorch. He watched the action with his bag of eye-popping popcorn, which improves vision by 600%, but in his excitement he ate his entire stock of the popcorn. Heimlich later recounted the tale, pausing the story only while he sold Thirst Quenchers to thirsty Minifigures.[1]

Related Missions

Items for Sale at this Location

Item Price (Coins) Required Level Stats Ability Picture
Sentinel Super Soda Coin 100 Faction coin sentinel 1 Restores 16 Imagination, 10 Armor and 8 Life Sentinel Super Soda
Assembly Awesome-Ade Coin 100 Faction coin assembly 1 Restores 16 Imagination, 10 Armor and 8 Life Assembly Awesome-Ade
Paradox Power Potion Coin 100 Faction coin paradox 1 Restores 16 Imagination, 10 Armor and 8 Life Paradox Power Potion
Venture Vitality Vial Coin 100 Faction coin venture 1 Restores 16 Imagination, 10 Armor and 8 Life Venture Vitality Vial
Big Fountain Soda Coin 725 Restores 12 Imagination, stacks to 100, no cooldown Big Fountain Soda
Xpresso Coin 500 Speed Boost for a long time, stacks to 100 Xpresso
Energy Bar Coin 280 Restores 6 Imagination, 6 Armor and 6 Life over time Energy Bar
BBQ Drumstick Coin 350

Max Life +5 temporarily, heals 10 Life, stacks to 100

BBQ Drumstick
Battle Croissant Coin 505 Tosses croissant, does 3 damage, knocks back enemies Battle Croissant
Cherry Blast Coin 150

Tosses firecracker, does 5 damage

Cherry Blast
Exceptional Pea Shooter Coin 12,500 2 + 2 + 2

Projectile, each shot costs 2 Imagination, Knocks back enemies

Exceptional Pea Shooter
Battle Bread Coin 9,000 15 2 + 2 + 3 Battle Bread
Carrot of Courage Coin 9,000 25 3 + 3 + 3 Knocks back enemies Carrot Of Courage
Banana-Wrang Coin 4,825 10 Armor +0 Imagination-orb +0 Tosses bannana, does 3 damage, knocks back enemies Banana-Wrang

Update Information

Prior to the Power of the Nexus Force update, Heimlich Stewblaster held the title of Wandering Chef. Following the update, he stopped wandering the Studburst Pass and remained stationary at all times until the Ninjago update, which restored his wandering abilities.


  • Heimlich Stewblaster's first name may be a reference to Henry Heimlich, who invented the Heimlich maneuver.
  • Heimlich Stewblaster appears to be modeled after the chef from the LEGO City set 8398 BBQ Stand.
  • Heimlich Stewblaster's behaviors are unique among all NPCs. He is not stationary and travels around the Studburst Pass, but unlike Mr. Ree, who only moves when off-screen, Heimlich actually marches up and down the canyon. When players approach Heimlich, he stops, takes his knapsack off his back, and remains stationary until players walk away.
  • Occasionally, a glitch occurs in which Heimlich's hat and knapsack disappears, revealing yellow shoulder-length hair.


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