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High Score
Ace Warprider New
Return the jetpack to Ace Warprider in the Venture League vendor area of Nexus Tower.
I don’t have Meyer’s Thinking Hat anymore. I loaned it to Ace Warprider in exchange for his Jetpack. Can you return it for me?
Hey, my jetpack! Stellar! Hael’s telescope needs a good cleaning, and there’s no other way to get out there.
Location Info
Start Location: Sentinel Vendor Area
End Location: Venture League Map Room
Enemies and NPCs
Enemy List: None
Starts With: Achilles Plutarch
Ends With: Ace Warprider
Total Coins: 0
Total U-Score: 5
Stats Won: None
Items Won: Strong Notion Potion, Gwen's Smoke Machine
Choice Items Won: None
This is part of the longest mission chain in Lego Universe
Mission Progression
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