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Ninja P Coin

Hu Where
Hu where
Theme Ninja , Paradox , Vendor
World Avant Gardens
Quote "Hurry and find Wisp Lee while I stand here and look mysterious."
Weapon/Tool Katana

Hu Where is a Ninja Picnicker NPC who hangs out at the Avant Gardens Launch Area.

After defeating the Spider Queen and destroying the Maelstrom fog hanging over the Launch Area, players can talk with Hu Where, Swabby Bilgebarrel, and Eeekums to complete the Making Friends achievement. Hu Where is also a Model Vendor. His inventory consists of Ninja and Fortress models for Free-to-Play players who cannot go to Forbidden Valley.

Hu Where is secretly a Paradox agent who came to Avant Gardens to collect a Maelstrom Cube for his master in Forbidden Valley. He sends players to talk to Wisp Lee about getting a Maelstrom Cube. After players return with the cube, Hu Where vanishes to give the Maelstrom Cube to his master, but reappears a few minutes later so players can continue to buy and sell items with him.

He has a reputation for carrying around picnic baskets, as noted by Wisp Lee when players get a Maelstrom Cube from him. He is apparently one of Paradox's top agents because no one ever knows where he is, and he's smarter than the average Ninja.

Missions and Achievements

Models for Sale at this Location

Model Price Note Picture
Lantern Model Coin 80
Lantern Model
Small Shirne Model Coin 260
Small Shirne Model
Pagoda Model Coin 10,980
Pagoda Model
Small Arch Model Coin 200
Small Arch Model
Fish Statue Model Coin 1,280
Fish Statue Model
Red Ninja Fence Model Coin 100
Red Ninja Fence Model
Yellow Ninja Fence Model Coin 100
Yellow Ninja Fence Model
Blue Ninja Fence Model Coin 100
Blue Ninja Fence Model
Temple Model 1 Coin 2,190
Temple Model 1
Zen Bamboo Medium Model Coin 240
Zen Bamboo Medium Model
Zen Bamboo Small Model Coin 140
Zen Bamboo Small Model
Big Door Model Coin 9,180
Big Door Model
Pipestack Model Coin 1,620
Pipestack Model
Anvil Model Coin 100
Anvil Model
Fortress Cart Model Coin 320
Foertress Cart Model
Fortress Elevator Model Coin 300
Foertress Elevator Model
Fortress Gong Model Coin 260
Foertress Gong Model
Fortress Inside Corner Model Coin 6,280
Foertress Inside Corner Model
Fortress Lantern Model Coin 200
Foertress Lantern Model
Fortress Large Outside Corner Model Coin 6,660
Foertress Large Outside Corner Model
Fortress Large Wall Model Coin 4,460
Foertress Large Wall Model
Fortress Pond Model Coin 3,060
Foertress Pond Model
Fortress Ramp Model Coin 2,020
Foertress Ramp Model
Fortress Small Outside Corner Model Coin 4,760
Foertress Small Outside Corner Model
Fortress Small Wall Model Coin 2,500
Foertress Small Wall Model
Fortress Wall Gate Model Coin 5,740
Foertress Wall Gate Model
Fortress Wall Gate Sliding Door Model Coin 180
Foertress Wall Gate Sliding Door Model
Fortress Watch Tower Model Coin 4,560
Foertress Watch Tower Model

Beta Information

In early beta testing, Hu Where was unnamed; from mid-beta testing until the Crux Prime update, he was not listed as a "Ninja Picnicker". Until late beta testing, he wore a classic-style black Ninja Gi.

Before the Power of the Nexus Force update, Hu Where constantly argued with Swabby Bilgebarrel over who is the better Monument Racer. When not arguing, Hu Where was rather philosophical, believing that a fear of heights represents a fear of greatness in oneself, and believed that building is preferable to smashing, telling players only to smash when low on Imagination.


  • Hu is a play on the word "who". "Who" and "where" refer to Hu Where's mysterious identity and vanishing appearances.


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