Hugo First
Venture grunt
Theme Venture League
World Gnarled Forest
Quote "The Venture League always finds a way."

Hugo First is a Venture League Grunt who operates in Gnarled Forest.

Logan Moonshot sends players to Gnarled Forest to speak with Hugo First. Hugo can be found near the launchpad to Nimbus Station. Telling players to get good use out of their Faction Gear, Hugo First sends players across the Ravine to help Toby Squidbarrel and the other pirates of Gnarled Forest.

Although Hugo First remains at his position near the Gnarled Forest Launchpad, he grows hungry after standing around for so long. He sends players across the Ravine to find Burky Urchin and bring back three Hardtack Biscuits. When the mission is complete, Hugo First explains that the biscuits temporarily increase a player's maximum health, making them useful in combat.


Beta Information

In alpha testing and early beta testing, Hugo First wore different Faction Grunt gear. His helmet, armor, and leg decals had lime green highlights. His armor bore the Venture League symbol in the center. His visor was light-gray and his hip piece was dark-gray. Hugo First was not originally named and was simply identified as "Venture Grunt".


  • Hugo First's name is a play on the phrase "You go first."


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