The Imagimeter
Location Nexus Tower
Function Locating Planet Crux

The Imagimeter is a device used by Hael Storm to locate worlds.

The Imagimeter was first used by Hael Storm, Doctor Overbuild, Duke Exeter, and Baron Typhonus to locate Planet Crux in their search for the Imagination Nexus. The Imagimeter Base, originally located aboard the Venture Koi, is activated by three Imagimeter Shards. When it located Planet Crux, it sent out a beam of light pointing to the planet.

Along with the Venture Koi, the Imagimeter was destroyed by the newly-created Maelstrom. Eight pieces of the Imagimeter Base were dispersed across Crux Prime, encased in the debris of the Venture Koi, while the Imagimeter Shards disappeared. Eager to rebuild the Imagimeter and make new discoveries, Hael Storm sends players down to the Crux Prime battlefield to smash the space debris and find the Imagimeter pieces. Once all the bricks are collected, players can rebuild the Imagimeter Base in the Venture League Observatory.

The current location of the Imagimeter Shards is unknown, although Hael Storm speculates that they are not on Crux Prime. He vows that Venture League will one day find the Imagimeter Shards.


  • Unused visuals suggest that Doctor Overbuild would have been involved in finding the Imagimeter Shards, which may have been corrupted by the Maelstrom.

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