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Jeet Yet?
Find 6 Frost Fruit, a bottle of Tough Buff Sauce and a BBQ Blast Hot Dog for Johnny Umami in the Ninjago Monastery.
“Yo, you’s ever try a Chilly Freezesteak? I’ll need a BBQ Blast Hot Dog, a Tough Buff Sauce and 6 Frost Fruit to make it!”
“One Chilly Freezesteak, comin’ up! Yo, don’t eat it all at once or you’ll get a head-freeze!”
NPC and Cooking Info
Chef: Johnny Umami
Food Created: Chilly Freezesteak Chilly Freezesteak x1
Ingredients                                                              Where to Obtain
Bbg hot dog BBQ Blast Hot Dog x1 Buy from Farnham Spoon
Tough buff Tuff Buff Sauce x1 Buy from Kammy Kazei
Frost Fruit Frost Fruit x6 Flowers in the Ice Garden
Location Info
Start Location: Monastery Courtyard
End Location: Monastery Courtyard
Total Coins: 150
Total Universe Points: 105
Cooking Items Unlocked: Chilly Freezesteak
Mission Progression
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