Kammy Kazei
Kammy Kazei
Theme Vendor
World Forbidden Valley
Quote "You look like a Minifigure who could use a White Shoulder Owl!"[1]

Kammy Kazei is Gear Vendor who works at the Paradox Refinery in Forbidden Valley.

Kammy Kazei's booth can be found near the Chaos Cleaner Machine. There, Kammy Kazei sells a number of items for players to use. Kammy's inventory includes Consumables such as Tough Buff Sauce and Sushi, which can be used for Johnny Umami's recipes. In addition to gear, Kammy also sells Pirate-Sized Ninja Clothes, making her essential to helping the three lost Pirate Spies Georgie Timbershivers, Robbie Jibhanger, and Gary Grogowitz. Kammy Kazei also sells the Ninja Dragon Rocket Engine, allowing players to complete their Ninja Dragon Rockets. Additionally, Kammy Kazei sells LEGO Dice and White Shoulder Owls.

Related Missions and Achievements

Items for Sale at this Location

Item Price (Coins) Required Level Stats Ability Picture
Strong Notion Potion Coin 100 5 Restores 10 Imagination Strong notion
Armor Polish Coin 40 Repairs 4 Armor Armor Polish
Armor Shine Coin 70 5 Repairs 7 Armor Armor Shine
Healing Cherry Coin40 5 Heals 4 Life Healing cherry
Healing Drumstick Coin 40 Restores 4 Life Healing drumstick
Sushi Coin 60 10 Restores 6 Life Sushi
Quicksicle Coin 25 Speed Boost for 15 seconds Quicksicle
Buttery Croissant Coin 80 Restores 4 Imagination & 4 Life Buttery
Bag of Glitter Coin 35 15 Boosts Imagination by 5 for 5 minutes,Restores up to 43 Imagination Bag glitter
Green Imaginite Coin 25 All minigames cost one Green Imaginite Crystal to play Green Imaginite Crystal
Red Imaginite Coin 100 Use of Wishing Wells cost one Red Imaginite Crystal Red Imaginite Crystal
Flash Bang Coin 10 Knocks back all nearby enemies Flash
Pirate-Sized Ninja Clothes Coin 100 Required for Pajama Parrrty, Ninja Disguise and Where Arrr We? missions Unknown 60x60
LEGO Dice Coin 15,000 Unknown 60x60
Super Composite Axe Coin 6,000 20 2 + 3 + 3 Imprcompaxe
Super Hairbrush Coin 6,000 20 2 + 3 + 3 Super Hairbrush
Super Spear Coin 6,000 20 2 + 3 + 3 Super spear
Scorpion Shield Coin 3,425 20 Armor +3 Imagination-orb +0 Scorpion Shield
White Shoulder Owl Coin 3,000 10 Armor +1 Imagination-orb +0 White Shoulder Owl
Dox Shoulderpads Coin 1,925 20 Armor +0 Imagination-orb +3 Dox Shoulderpads
Gothic Paradox Shirt Coin 1,425 15 ? Unknown 60x60
Viking Barbarian Shirt Coin 2,425 15 Armor +1 Imagination-orb +2 Item 150 8620 eb31d4e10d38b90381f46c0b1715c55f
Ninja Dragon Rocket (Engine) Coin 500 Rocket part

Beta Information

For most of beta testing, Kammy Kazei was unnamed and simply identified as Accessory Vendor. She also wore a classic black Ninja Gi and violet pants.

In the final trunk build of LEGO Universe, Kammy Kazei was given dialogue. However, because LEGO Universe was announced to close, the upcoming patch was never released, and Kammy Kazei was never given dialogue in the released game.[1]


  • Kammy Kazei's name is a play on Kamikaze, from the Japanese term for Sacred Wind. Kamikaze also describes the tactics used by Japanese suicide planes used during World War II.
  • Her hat seems to be a dark red version of the Conical Hat.


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