Kenjin the Wise
Kenjin render
Theme Ninja
World Forbidden Valley
Quote "Knowledge means nothing if you do not know it."
Weapon/Tool Maelstrom Staff

Kenjin the Wise is a Ninja Sage NPC in Forbidden Valley.

Kenjin the Wise is the old master who taught Master Fong Shader, and took myriad breaks to visit Dragonmaw Chasm during their training. He is over 150 years old, and over the past few decades, his birthday presents have included an Imagination lava lamp, shuriken- and shinobi-patterned pajamas, and an autographed copy of the Johnny Thunder autobiography.[1]

Ninja Tashi sends players to find a way past Ravencloud Gate, where they will meet Kenjin the Wise on the other side. Deeming players clever and adventurous enough, he sends players to the Great Tree to deliver news of the Maelstrom to his old apprentice, Master Fong Shader.

After the Ninja Prisoners are rescued, Kenjin the Wise hears them discussing the bananas that they ate while locked up in Brig Rock. Curious to know what they are talking about, Kenjin sends players to bring him ten bananas from Gnarled Forest. As he eats the bananas, he rewards players with extra Backpack space.

As Kenjin the Wise celebrated his 150th birthday in 2011, Zip Lash decided to celebrate by hosting a Dragonmaw Chasm Grand Prix birthday extravaganza during the weekend of July 9-10.[1]


Beta Information

In early beta testing, Kenjin the Wise was unnamed, instead known as Old Traveler. He also carried a long torch staff during this time. Until late beta testing, Kenjin the Wise wore a tan shirt and Brown Pants.


  • According to Kenjin the Wise, he once dumbfounded seven Maelstrom Dragons at once by performing his patented "Super Ninjafunk Helicopter" breakdance move in their lair. Since Maelstrom Dragons were created several decades after Kenjin famously broke his hip at a secret ninja breakdancing competition held over half a century ago, it is confirmed as false and should not be reattempted.[2]


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