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Kinga Hurl
Stromling Ape render.png
Theme Stromlings
World The Battle of Nimbus Station
Weapon/Tool Fists and boulders

Kinga Hurl is the Stromling Ape lieutenant of the Battle of Nimbus Station.

Kinga Hurl was once a massive silverback ape who lived deep in the jungles of Gnarled Forest. He was the strong, fearless, and proud leader of a tribe of apes. Unfortunately, the Darkitect saw Kinga Hurl as a potential lieutenant and corrupted the ape, creating one of the most aggressive and black-hearted fiends in the Maelstrom.[1]

After the demise of Murgle Blotch, Kinga Hurl was sent by the Maelstrom to lead the attack on Nimbus Station. Wenn Wuzzit sends players back in time to fight this powerful Stromling Ape. Kinga Hurl commands six waves of Stromling Pirates, Stromling Admirals, Stromling Mechs, Dark Spiderlings, and Hammerhurl Stromlings. Kinga Hurl himself appears in Wave 15 of the battle, spawning near the Venture League booth of Nimbus Plaza. He fights players by throwing rocks and slamming his fists into the ground. He is significantly stronger than an average Stromling Ape, and he lacks the weakness of all other Stromling Apes, since he does not always unearth bricks required to build an anchor to drop on him.

Wenn Wuzzit says that Kinga Hurl no longer exists in the present day, suggesting that the Stromling Ape met his demise during the battle. With Kinga Hurl defeated, Whack Bliddo emerged to command the Maelstrom army.

Related Missions and Achievements


  • Exploding Boulder Throw: Kinga Hurl unearths a glowing boulder and tosses it towards a target. The boulder travels in a straight line but deals splash damage, making it difficult to dodge.
  • Ground Pound: Kinga Hurl rises onto his hind legs and beats his chest before slamming the ground three times. Each slam knocks back enemies and deals damage. Prior to the Nexus Jawbox update, the third slam always unearthed the pieces used to build the Ape Anchor.


  • Kinga Hurl is the only named enemy to use the same in-game model as the standard unnamed enemy. Despite this, Kinga Hurl has higher health and stronger attacks than standard Stromling Apes.
  • Prior to the Nexus Jawbox update, Kinga Hurl could be instantly defeated with an Ape Anchor.
  • Kinga Hurl's name is possibly a reference to the Nintendo game Donkey Kong: King of Swing. While Donkey Kong swings from vine to vine, Kinga Hurl throws boulders at his enemies.
  • Kinga Hurl's dropped loot consists of Gnarled Forest items.
  • One of the rewards for winners 2-4 in each age group of the Nexus Force Championship Battle of Nimbus Station event is a Kinga Hurl Shirt.