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Kingdoms World
LEGO Universe Artwork - Keith Richards - 22

The Kingdoms World was an unreleased world based on the Kingdoms theme that was planned to be released in LEGO Universe in 2012. However, due to the cancellation of the game, the world was left incomplete and will not be released. Despite having a planned release over a year after the release of the game, the concept for a castle themed world is an old one, appearing in early concept art, the game trailer, and even alpha and early beta loading screens. The Vanguard Outpost was castle themed, and Creepy Crawly Forest also had a ruined castle and tomb. Additionally, prior to the game being cancelled, several hints at the upcoming world had been released to the public, such as Hael Storm mentioning a castle planet,[1] and senior design manager Geoff Jones hinting at the world in an interview, were he described it as “an evergreen theme with a light, less serious tone”.[2] The only confirmed content were two PvP Minigames: Capture the Princess and Castle Defense.


  • According to a LEGO Universe Community Manager named Figmentia, the Kingdoms world was supposed to be the Sentinel headquarters.
  • With the Kingdoms world update, animal transformations,[3] horse Mounts, Guilds, and Crafting were to be added to the game.[4] Other ideas the developers had for the Kingdoms world included monster invasions, a Black Knights castle, player actions having effects on the environment, and sheep shearing.[4]



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