Krista Clear
Theme LEGO Universe
World Nimbus Station
Quote "Hey, go up and dance on the top platform!"

Krista Clear is a Minifigure who can be found dancing at Red Blocks Amphitheater.

Krista Clear hangs out in the amphitheater's stands, where she constantly performs a dance. If players interact with Krista, she tells them how much she loves Red Blocks and tells them to go dance on the top platform.

Krista Clear is one of the "fans" that Johnny Thunder sends players to talk to. When players offer her the chance to meet the famous Venture League Hero in person, Krista refers to Johnny Thunder as "that weird guy", showing that she is not actually the fan that Johnny Thunder thinks she is.


Beta Information

When Nimbus Station first opened in alpha testing, Krista Clear used Sofie Cushion's model. When she received her own model in early beta testing, she originally had Yellow Pants. Although yellow clothes were disabled in the Character Create screen in early beta, Krista kept her Yellow Pants through most of beta testing.


  • Krista Clear's name is a play off the phrase "crystal clear".


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