Kurt Tussle
Sentinel knight
Theme Nexus Force
World Nimbus Station
Quote "This way to the Nexus!"

Kurt Tussle is a Nexus Force Guard NPC stationed in the Nimbus Station Race Place.

Kurt Tussle received gate duty at the Nexus Checkpoint after he was smashed by a Stromling Ape. During the construction of Nexus Tower, Kurt Tussle stood at the Nexus Checkpoint, telling Minifigures that Nexus Force was building a spaceship beyond the gate that, when finished, would travel to the newly-completed Nexus Tower. He gave trials for Minifigures to prove themselves before traveling to Crux Prime and asked Minifigures to donate bricks to the Nexus Jawbox until, at last, Nexus Tower was completed.

After players join a faction, they are sent by Nexus Jay to check in with Kurt Tussle before traveling to Nexus Tower to meet their faction leaders. Kurt Tussle tells players about the purpose of Nexus Tower, then sends them to check in with Nexus Naomi when they arrive at the tower.


Beta Information

In early beta testing, Kurt Tussle was unnamed, instead identified as Nexus Forge Grunt. Until the Nexus Jawbox update, Kurt Tussle was positioned to the left of the Nexus Checkpoint.

Until the Nexus Tower update, Kurt Tussle asked players to get revenge on the Stromling Ape that smashed him by destroying the gorilla and bringing him an anchor as proof.

In the Battle of Crux Prime update, Kurt Tussle had players prove themselves to him before he could allow them to travel to Crux Prime. He assigned them with the task of battling Dark Ronin and Maelstrom Horsemen in Forbidden Valley, then bringing him five Cracked Ronin Helms and a Splintered Lance as proof. Only once players accomplished this would Kurt Tussle allow them to speak to Duke Exeter through a console and receive orders regarding the battle of Crux Prime.

In the Nexus Jawbox update, Kurt Tussle assigned Daily Missions to expedite the construction of Nexus Tower by donating 50 bricks every day to the newly-installed Nexus Jawbox.

When Nexus Tower's construction was completed in the Nexus Tower update, Kurt Tussle's missions to collect an anchor, Cracked Ronin Helms, and Splintered Lance were given to Duke Exeter so that the Sentinel Faction Leader could test players before sending them to Crux Prime. With Nexus Tower complete, the Nexus Jawbox was no longer needed, so Kurt Tussle stopped offering his Daily Mission.


  • Kurt Tussle's name is a play on the name Kurt Russell, a famous actor, and "tussle", meaning "a physical contest or struggle".


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