Recommended Order of Sections and Section Headings

  1. "Lead Section (no heading): Short paragraph that describes the basic information of the character such as where they are found in the game, any weapons they have, etc. The lead section should not have a heading.
  2. Missions: A list of quests the character gives the player (If any)
  3. Beta Information: Info about the character in Alpha and Beta testing. (If any)
  4. Trivia: Little bits of information that can be interesting but are of little importance. (If any)
  5. Gallery: A collection of extra pictures if there are a lot of pictures for the page."

Hmm, seems pretty good. I'm glad to see that my work here has led to the addition of the "Beta Information" section. Sky Lane and Johnny Thunder have the additional "Before LEGO Universe" section, which is placed between "Missions" and "Beta Information", so you might also want to add that one in.

One thing that did cause me to bite my lip (metaphorically speaking) was the description of the "Lead Section", which is listed here as a "short paragraph that describes the basic information". I've worked long and hard on numerous pages (including Sky Lane, Johnny Thunder, the Faction Reps and Vendors, and nearly every Gnarled Forest pirate) to make the Lead Section as long and informative as possible in order to describe the character's entire role in the game. Should all that work be removed, or should the Lead Section be revised?

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