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Launch Area
World Avant Gardens
Main Location of Sky Lane, Avant Gardens Picnickers, Crash Helmut
Enemies None

The Launch Area is the clearing at the end of Avant Gardens. It was built by the Venture League to make travel between Avant Gardens and Nimbus Station easier. Besides the launchpad to Nimbus Station, there are also launchpads to the Return to the Venture Explorer battle instance, the Block Yard small property, and the Avant Grove medium-sized property. The main attraction of the location is the vendor area. The vendors include Sofia Amalgam (gear vendor), Darby Snapwish (brick vendor), and Brutus Speck (model vendor). There is also a group of picnickers sitting down at the tables and talking. The Wishing Well for Avant Gardens is also located here. The only pet in this area is Buffalo, which is located in a secluded nook off to the side of the Launch Area.



  • The portable toilets located in the Launch Area and Red Blocks originated from the LEGO City set 7905 Building Crane.


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