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Launchpad movie
Items required for Use Rocket
Locations All worlds except Crux Prime

Launchpads are the means by which rockets are launched from world to world. As such, an assembled rocket is required to use one.

It is not required to use a rocket to travel to Starbase 3001, however, one becomes required to visit LUP worlds off of it. Club Station Alpha has a teleporter, although you may use a rocket once you arrive.

Launchpads are also non-existent within minigames, as most are set within the worlds themselves and are not considered a world despite their having a separate instance to the game world.


Venture Explorer

Avant Gardens

Forbidden Valley

Beta Information

In alpha testing, launchpads could only be used by a single player at a time. Attempting to launch a rocket while another player was still blasting off would result in a pop-up, saying to wait until the launchpad was empty. Launchpads also had a different, larger design, with a red and white color scheme.



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