Logan Moonshot
Venture grunt
Theme Venture League
World Nimbus Station
Quote "Ready to Explore? Come get your Venture League gear!"
Weapon/Tool None

Logan Moonshoot was the Venture League representative in Nimbus Station.

When players first arrived in Nimbus Station, Nexus Jay sent them to speak to the four faction representatives, including Logan Moonshot, in order to receive faction badges and join Nexus Force. Logan Moonshot sent players to begin their adventures by searching for the famous Venture League Hero Johnny Thunder, who gives players the Venture League Badge.

If players chose to join Venture League, Nexus Jay sent them to speak with Logan Moonshot again. Logan gave players a Rank 1 Venture League specialty kit of their choice and told them to equip all four items in order to access the multi-item bonus.

Hearing about trouble in Gnarled Forest, Logan Moonshot sent all players to speak with Hugo First, regardless of which faction they joined.

Later, Venture League members received Daily Missions from Logan Moonshot. He sent them to smash Stromling Mechs in Avant Gardens, Stromling Pirates in Gnarled Forest, and Dark Ronin in Forbidden Valley. He rewarded every completed daily mission with Venture League tokens.

When the Nexus Jawbox was installed, Logan Moonshot began assigning new Daily Missions. These missions included smashing Stromlings in the Battle of Nimbus Station, smashing objects on the Monument, fighting enemies in Avant Gardens, scoring points in the Cannon Cove Shooting Gallery, smashing and building in Pet Cove, smashing smashables on the Vertigo Loop Racetrack, and competing in races.

After the Power of the Nexus Force update, Logan Moonshot stepped down as the Venture League Rep. His role has since been filled by Magnus Bumperdent.


Beta Information

From alpha testing to the Crux Prime update, Logan Moonshot was female, although Johnny Thunder then-erroneously referred to her as a male. In alpha testing through mid-beta testing, she had a different personality, since she was constantly pacing and often times had a worried expression.

In alpha testing and early beta testing, Logan Moonshot had an orange Rock Raiders helmet, light-gray Power Miners armor, and a white shirt and gray pants combo often worn by Assembly characters such as Ellgren Stackwell. In mid-beta testing, she had a model similar to her current one, but with less detailed textures on the arms and legs. From late-beta to Crux Prime, her model was identical to her current one albeit with a female face texture. All three of these models are identical to models used for Kit Wanderwhere, which may be a reason why she was changed from female to male in the Crux Prime update in order to differentiate Logan and Kit.



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