A Macro Code is a term used to refer to the files that are recognized by the game upon entry of the code "/runmacro". Another name for the one-action codes is Slash Commands.

Anything listed in "[]" specifies a required input. If a player tries to use a code without including the additional input required, it will not work.

GM-Only codes can't be used unless your account is authorized to do so. When you try to use / and any word the system says "Invalid Command".

Code Functional? Effect Additional input
/addfriend Yes Add a player to your Friends List. [player name]
/addignore Yes Add a player to your ignore list. [player name]
/backflip No (until green fingers 4 achevement completed) Do an awesome backflip! None
Yes Returns you to the character select screen. None
/clap Yes A round of applause! None
/cringe No I don't even want to talk about it... None
/cry No Show everyone your "Aw" face. None
/dance No Dance 'til you can't dance no more. None
Yes Exit to desktop. None
/gasp Yes Oh my goodness! None
/giggle No Like a little school girl. None
GM-Only Changes your current character's GM status (up to your account's assigned maximum level) None
/help Yes Outputs a description of the specified slash command or outputs all available slash commands. None
Yes Invite a player to your team. [player name]


Yes Kick a player from your current team. Works on yourself. [player name]

Set the leader for your current team.

Yes Leave your current team. None
Yes Output your current location on the map to the chatbox. None
/logoutaccount Yes Returns you to the login screen. None
/perfoptionshigh Yes Sets the default high-spec performance options in the cfg file None
/perfoptionslow Yes Sets the default low-spec performance options in the cfg file None
/perfoptionsmid Yes Sets the default medium-spec performance options in the cfg file None
/recommendperfoptions Yes Sets the recommended performance options in the cfg file None
/removefriend Yes Removes a player from your friends list. [player name]
/removeignore Yes Removes a player from your ignore list. [player name]
Say something outloud so that everyone can hear you [message]
/salute No For those about to build... None
Yes Set the loot for your current team (round-robin/free for all). [ffa] or [rr]?
/shrug Yes I dunno... None
/sigh Yes Another day, another brick. None
Yes Send a message to your teammates. None
/talk Yes Jibber Jabber None
Yes Send a private message to another player. [player name] and [message]
/thanks Yes Express your gratitude for another. None
Yes Oh, yeah! None
/victory No Victory! None
/wave Yes Wave to other players None
/why Yes !?!! None
/yes Yes Aye aye, captain! None
/testmap GM-Only Teleports user to world based on given world ID. [world ID]
/runmacro GM-Only Runs a specified 'Macro' Macro, often performing many actions at once. [macro's]
/gmadditem GM-Only Gets an item specified by the given item ID. [item number]
/addmission (/gmaddmission?) GM-Only Temporarily adds mission based on given mission ID for a one-shot, personal use. [mission ID]
/completemission GM-Only Completes mission based on given mission ID. Used alongside /addmission when testing an unreleased mission. [mission ID]
GM-Only Teleports user to location based on given XYZ coordinates when entered in global chat, teleports another user to specified location if entered in user's silent chat. User is possibly teleported to user of code when no coordinates are specified.

[XYZ Coordinates]

/gmadditem GM-Only Adds an item to the GM's inventory. [Item number] [Quantity]
/deleteinven GM-Only Clears the GM's inventory. [All or Default]
/resetmissions GM-Only Resets all of the GM's missions. None



GM-Only Sets the size of the GM's inventory. [Size]
/setattr GM-Only Sets the GM's MaxLife, MaxArmor, MaxImagination, Life, Armor, and Imagination. [Attribute][Number]
/setflag GM-Only ??? [State][Flag number]



GM-Only Sets the ammount of coins the GM has. [Number]
/reloadui GM-Only ??? None
/buffme GM-Only Buffs the GM ???
/spawn GM-Only Spawns in creatures and models. [Creature number][Amount]
/reloadmap GM-Only ??? None
/pause GM-Only ??? [Duration]
/showdebug GM-Only Shows the debug screen? [State][?]
/killinput GM-Only ??? [State]
/toggleslashcommandecho GM-Only ??? [State]
/perfdumpstart GM-Only Starts collecting performance data to be dumped into an XML file. None
/perfdump GM-Only ??? [Location]
/camlookat GM-Only ??? [X,Y,Z]
/takescreenshot GM-Only? Takes a screenshot. None
/adddxpixevent GM-Only ??? None
/perfcompile GM-Only Compiles the performance data into an XML file. [XML file name]
/perfout GM-Only ??? [TXT file name]
/resettooltipflags GM-Only ??? None
/setemotelockstate GM-Only Can lock or unlock Emotes for the GM. [Emote Number] [State]
/reloadscripts GM-Only ??? None
/gminvis GM-Only Makes a Mythran invisible to other players. None
Announcement (unknown macro) GM-Only Allows a Mythran to send out messages to all connected players. [Message]


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