Maelstrom Dragon Invader
Maelstrom Dragon Invader 2
Main Location Crux Prime
Theme Stromlings Invader
Weapon/Tool Fire Breath

Maelstrom Dragon Invaders are stronger versions of the Maelstrom Dragon. They are the strongest enemies on Crux Prime next to Butterscorch. They have around 250 armor and 100 health.


  • Fireball Four: Instead of a stream of fire, the Dragon shoots four fireballs at players, causing knockback and 5 damage. It also hurts nearby players and knocks them back. The fireballs are known to sometimes dissappear right before reaching the target and can sometimes hit a player when they are far away.
  • Ground Slam: The Dragon rises into the air, causing a small knockback, then falls back down causing serious knockback and 2 damage. It takes approximately three seconds for the dragon to fall back down.
  • Fireball: The Dragon rears back and shoots a homing fireball at one player for 5 damage, it also hurts any nearby players. The Dragon also flaps its wings before it shoots the fireball, blowing players backwards.


Maelstrom Dragon Invaders can drop many items when smashed. Items can range from faction tokens, infected bricks, consumable items, and item drops, some of which can be very rare and are some of the best drops in the game. Items such as the Dragon Helm MKIII, the best helm in the game for armor and imagination, the Jester Hat, a highly sought after hat that can be very valuable, other Fantastic weapons, such as the Fantastic Pilum and Spike Hammer, plus many other items such as some parts of the bat, bot, bone, and mosaic jester suits. Battling Maelstrom Dragon Invaders is also a very good way to get money, for dragons can drop up to 500 coins per smash, and at least 5 tokens.

Overall, battling Maelstrom Dragon Invaders is a very good way to get rare items and money, and should be attempted when in Crux Prime.



  • Butterscorch is a Dragon Invader but is harder to smash than a normal Dragon Invader.
  • The Dragon Invaders can move their head around while attacking, unlike the Forbidden Valley Dragons.
  • The Dragons' bodies are sleeker than the normal Dragon at Forbidden Valley.
  • There is another rare glitch which the dragon cannot be seen, harmed or heard by the player, however other players can smash it. If the player is in a team, this glitch happens and the team smashes it, the drops will appear normally on its own.
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