Maelstrom Ore
is the form of Maelstrom energy concentrated in a "rock". It exists on Crux Prime and is mined by Skullkin at the Maelstrom Quarry. Players can get a crystal of ore, although this is only for one time. The Skullkin are mining it to forge new weapons and armor.

When this is extracted and refined, it apparently protects skeletons from Spinjitzu, which is the only method of defeating them. Maelstrom ore leads in pipelines that run from the drills in the center of the quarry, which then liquifies the ore. This can be seen in the ore meters that are around the Maelstrom Quarry.

It can be noted that if many skeletons are mining, the meter rises. Once a player begins to smash them, the meter lowers once again.

Other References

Wisp Lee originally made reference to Maelstrom Ore being mined from the Maelstrom Mine, but this was removed during the Beta.


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