Maelstrom Valley
World Forbidden Valley
Main Location of Dragon's Den
Enemies Dark Ronin, Maelstrom Dragon

Maelstrom Valley is a region of fire and cliffs located in Forbidden Valley.

Maelstrom Valley is located near the Paradox Refinery, where Maelstrom energies are contained in high concentrations for Paradox study. However, the local Maelstrom experiments allowed the Darkitect to infect the dragons of Maelstrom Valley, corrupting them into Maelstrom Dragons. Since the creation of Maelstrom Dragons, the Maelstrom Valley has been blocked off by a large gate marked by a Fortress Dragon Statue.

In Maelstrom Valley, small slabs of floating rock bridged by high winds lead to the Dragon's Den. There, Burnshot, Torchblight, Blastbreath, and an unnamed Maelstrom Dragon made their home and keep their treasure hordes, which include bricks of disassembled Ravencloud Guardians. Burnshout, Torchblight, and Blastbreath's homes are marked by three Dragon Gongs which can only be smashed by Maelstrom Hammers.

Maelstrom Valley's entrance is guarded by Dark Ronin and Maelstrom Horsemen. The gate features a Nexus Force Plaque, which details the history of Maelstrom Valley, and a Fortress Dragon Statue, interacting with which brings players to the Forbidden Valley Dragon Battle.

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Beta Information

Until late beta testing, the Maelstrom Valley was part of the main Forbidden Valley map, rather than a separate instance. The Fortress Dragon Statue did not exist, the large gate was smashable, and the Nexus Force Plaque was located just beyond the gate. Additionally, Johnny Thunder once traveled to the Maelstrom Valley and left a Floating Treasure Chest in the Dragon's Den, and a Forbidden Valley Flag could also be found in the Dragon's Den. However, due to the practice of Kill Stealing, the Maelstrom Valley was made into the separate Dragon Battle instance. The Nexus Force Plaque, Treasure Chest, and Flag were all moved outside the Maelstrom Valley.


  • Although the gate to Maelstrom Valley is blocked off, Maelstrom Valley is still included in Forbidden Valley's World Map and is still part of the world itself, but it can only be accessed by players with jetpacks, has no collision detection, and will automatically smash players who travel too deep into the valley. Likewise, in the Forbidden Valley Dragon Battle, the inaccessible side of the Maelstrom Valley gate is still included in the instance and can only be accessed by jetpack.

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