Found in Mantis Rock
Special Abilities None
Imagination Points 18
Required Items/Tasks None
Taming Build Butterfly
Bricks In Build 7

A Mantis is an insect pet found in Forbidden Valley.

Wild Mantises can be found along the Perilous Path and at Mantis Rock, the latter of which is named after these insects. They reside among the rock crags of the area and can be tamed after learning how to tame pets at Pet Cove. To tame a Mantis, players must assemble a butterfly model. Once tamed, Mantis Pets can dig up buried Treasure Chests and activate Pet Bouncers.

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  • Some official artwork of the Mantis on the website for LEGO Universe depicts the pet with a light green color scheme.
  • The Path of the Mantis, which leads from Mantis Rock to the Great Tree, is named after the Mantis. The path is marked by the statue of a Mantis, which can be smashed by a Maelstrom Hammer and rebuilt into a Bouncer that takes players directly to the Hidden Dojo.

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