Mantis Rock
Mantis Rock
World Forbidden Valley
Main Location of Georgie Timbershivers
Enemies Dark Ronin

Mantis Rock or Mantis Shrine is a monument area in Forbidden Valley. It is named partly after the Praying Mantises who call it home, and the Bell Shrine, which is located near the Dragonmaw Chasm Bouncer.

Mantis Rock was the site of a great battle which took place long ago, and the Ninja erected many Ronin Statues to commemorate the fallen warriors. Unfortunately, Maelstrom energy led the Ronin to be assimilated into the Maelstrom. Although originally inanimate, the haunted armor became a deadly threat to the shrine.

Mantis Rock is a rocky area, and contains several ledges. Georgie Timbershivers, a pirate spy, stands on one of these ledges. Georgie took a piece of Captain Jack Knife's treasure map, but when he became trapped in Forbidden Valley, was unable to return it. He set up a Crow's Nest which only pirates could use to find him, so Ninjas would not be able to reach him. With the player's help, he manages to sneak out of Forbidden Valley disguised as a Ninja.


  • It is the only Forbidden Valley battlefield (except for the Dragon Instance) that does not include Maelstrom Horsemen.
  • When Dragonmaw Chasm was released in May 2011, a bouncer was installed at Mantis Rock, allowing players to visit the racetrack. Though on a different platform, it is considered to be part of Mantis Rock.



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