Ninja P

Master Fong Shader
Theme Paradox
World Forbidden Valley
Quote "A student studies. A trainee trains. But a Ninja? A Ninja ninjas."

Master Fong Shader is a Paradox Sensei who oversees the Hidden Dojo in the Great Tree in Forbidden Valley.

In his youth, Master Fong Shader was the apprentice of Kenjin the Wise. During their training, they took myriad trips to visit Dragonmaw Chasm.[1]

Players are sent by Kenjin the Wise to speak with Master Fong Shader, bringing dark tidings of the Maelstrom. While Master Fong Shader ponders the news from his old master, he sends players to be trained from the other Paradox Ninjas located on the branches of the Great Tree: Smashmaster Foom, Gathermaster Klex, and Brickmaster Clang. When players finish their training, Master Fong Shader allows them to speak with Numb Chuck.

As Master Fong Shader ponders the Maelstrom, he realizes that that there is something that is suggesting that the Maelstrom is entirely formless chaos. Hoping to learn more, Master Fong Shader sends players to ask Wisp Lee what he has learned from studying the Maelstrom in Avant Gardens. Players ultimately return to Master Fong Shader with the results from Echs Ray, who has learned that Baron Typhonus is the Darkitect controlling the Maelstrom. As Master Fong Shader warns his superiors, players receive a vision from the Darkitect.


Beta Information

Although Master Fong Shader was unnamed for most of beta testing, he was identified as the Dojo Master in dialogue and mission text. Throughout beta testing, Master Fong Shader wore a red Ninja star-patterned shirt and Red Pants.

Originally, the Something in the Maelstrom mission chain did not include Wisp Lee. Master Fong Shader sent players to bring a scroll, which indicated a presence in the Maelstrom, to the Paradox Refinery so that Echs Ray could analyze the data.


  • Master Fong Shader's name is a play on phong shader.
  • Master Fong Shader's opening quote, "Wax on... Wax Off", is a reference to Mr. Miyagi's teachings in The Karate Kid.
  • Master Fong Shader appears to be lactose-intolerant, as evidenced by his attempt to eat pizza.


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