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Merciless Ned
Random Peanut Pirate
Theme Pirates
World Gnarled Forest
Quote "Cap'n pays us peanuts these days! Don't he know I'm allergic? Here, you take 'em!"
Weapon/Tool Gun (lost)

Merciless Ned is a Pirate Scout NPC in Gnarled Forest.

Although Merciless Ned is allergic to peanuts, Captain Jack Knife is forced to pay his crew with peanuts presumably due to a lack of treasure. Merciless Ned was also assigned by Captain Knife to shoot Maelstrom-infected treasure chests, but misplaced his gun and is unable to carry out this task. To take care of both of these problems, Merciless Ned sends players to shoot five of the evil crates in exchange for a bag of peanuts, which can be used to tame an Elephant.


Beta Information

In alpha testing and early beta testing, Merciless Ned was an unnamed Pirate Worker. Pirate Worker had Rascus's beard and wore a black bandanna, a sleeveless red-white striped shirt, and brown pants. In mid-beta, Pirate Worker was replaced by Merciless Francine, who wore a Gothic Paradox Shirt.

During beta testing, Merciless Ned gave an early version of Daily Missions which were not restricted to once a day. Players had the option of repeating his mission of shooting five Maelstrom-infected treasure chests in exchange for more peanuts.


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