Meyer Muckrake
Meyer Muckrake
Theme Paradox
World Nexus Tower
Quote "I can't leave my post, but I need someone to run an errand for me."
Weapon/Tool Staff

Meyer Muckrake is a Paradox Guard NPC in the Paradox Laboratory of Nexus Tower.

Meyer Muckrake loaned his Thinking Hat to Olivia Nightshade so she could brainstorm new spells. Later, Meyer needs his Thinking Hat back, so he sends players to get it for him since he cannot leave his post. Eventually, when players complete the mission chain and bring the hat back from Rutger Hemoglobin, Meyer appears impatient but is actually quite grateful, rewarding players with fifty Faction Tokens.

Afterward, Meyer Muckrake gives Daily Missions exclusively to Paradox members. These missions include fighting Stromlings, participating in Avant Gardens Survival, competing in races, and building Maelstrom Turrets.


Beta Information

As with Augie Ninewells, Trek Furino, and a Sentinel Commander, concept art for Meyer Muckrake was found in a beta directory for Avant Gardens mission giver renderings. In this concept art, he resembled a ninja and was referred to as a Paradox Scout. When he was moved to Nexus Tower he was redesigned, though his texture is still titled "Paradox Scout" and his Passport artwork uses the Paradox Scout's textures.


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