Milo Snackpigeon
Milo Snackpigeon
Theme LEGO Universe
World Nimbus Station
Quote "Next time I need some Pants, I'll know who to ask!"

Milo Snackpigeon is an NPC found at the gate of Red Blocks.

Milo Snackpigeon was invited to a Pants Party, but lost his pants and even his legs, forcing his torso to hide in a bush. He asks players to buy him Party Pants, which can be purchased from Dominic Knack. As a reward, Milo gives players a Water Sprayer part, which is required for Mardolf the Orange to assemble a Water Sprayer for players. After receiving the Party Pants, Milo Snackpigeon jumps out of the bush, puts on the pants, and performs a Russian Dance. When he is finished, he tosses the Party Pants up into the air.


Beta Information

In alpha testing, Milo Snackpigeon was named "Naked Minifig". He had yellow hip and leg pieces, suggesting that he was fully nude. Naked Minifig hid behind a 2x2 brick-shaped bush. However, because many alpha and beta testers opposed the idea of a fully nude Minifig barely obscured by a bush, he was altered in mid-beta testing to his current appearance. In mid-beta testing, he was called "Embarrassed Minifigure".

As of the Nexus Jawbox update, Milo Snackpigeon's Party Pants are white. Because the icon for the Party Pants is still purple and numerous other NPCs, notably Arrrthur Arrrbuckle, have been inexplicably given white clothes, this was likely a glitch. It since has been fixed.


  • In addition to being a name, "Milo" is a type of grain which is an ideal component of pigeon food.
  • The Pants Party that Milo Snackpigeon was invited to is an allusion to the cut Pants Party Danceclub in Youreeka.
  • Game files suggest that a character known as Milo Snackpigeon II would have appeared in a Ninjago world.


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