Mission 10

Mission 10 is the tenth mission of The Great Minifig Mission.

This mission revolves around defending Baron Typhonus from the chaotic spider he imagined with the Imagination Nexus. Players control an unnamed minifigure wielding a laser gun, moving the minifig left and right, firing at the spider, and avoiding being hit by the spider's own laser blasts. The Imagination Nexus in the center of the screen generates a black hole effect. Thus, shots fired along it will curve left or right. The Baron is on the upper edge of the essence and hitting him results in an immediate loss. If the player runs out of energy or shoots the Baron, the spider will drag the Baron into the Imagination Nexus, and the player loses. The mission is completed when players drain all of the spider's energy. Upon completing the mission, players send 10 minifigs into the LEGO Universe. If players are fast enough, they may receive a time bonus of 1 minifig.

Mission Description

The ambitious Baron Typhonus believed that imagination should not be constrained by rules. To demonstrate the power of chaos, he imagined a hideous spider. But his new pet was indeed a creature of chaos. It grabbed the Baron and dragged him into the pure imagination. The corruption caused the pure imagination to mutate into a powerful, destructive force - The Maelstrom!

B.R.I.C.K. Tip

Shoot at the spider's body to drain its power and stop it from dragging the Baron into the pure imagination. But don't hit the Baron - and don't get shot!


  • Although the mission description is reenacted in the introductory movie to LEGO Universe, the minigame itself is non-canon. Canonically, the three other explorers were unable to prevent the Spider Boss from dragging Baron Typhonus into the Imagination Nexus.
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