Mission 11 is the eleventh mission of the Great Minifig Mission.

Mission 11 is very similar to Mission 3. Players are given a difficult five-by-five slider puzzle made from pre-release LEGO Universe artwork. Players complete the slider puzzle by sliding the pieces to fit the picture at the bottom. Once completed, a code written in the minifigure alphabet will appear. Players must translate the code then enter it in the 'enter code' bar. Players will then send 10 minifigs into the LEGO Universe, and if completed quickly enough, a time bonus will be rewarded in the form of extra minifigs.

Mission Description

With The Maelstrom threatening to destroy imagination, the remaining explorers decided they needed to protect the last remaining piece of pure imagination and organize minifigs across the Universe. To do this, Doc, Hael and Duke formed the Nexus Force; a powerful group of minifigs that would protect imagination from all forms of evil - at all costs!

B.R.I.C.K. Tip

Work fast to complete the slider puzzle before The Maelstrom overruns the mighty Nexus Force!

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