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Mission 12 is the twelfth mission of The Great Minifig Mission.

Players are first given a sheet identifying seven breeds of Stromlings: Stromling, Stromling Pirate, Dark Admiral, Dark Spiderling, Maelstrom Ape, Maelstrom Mech, and Spider Boss. Then, players see a LEGO city modeled after Zorillo Plaza which constantly scrolls to the right. Minifigures and Stromlings alike appear in the windows of various buildings. Players must shoot down as many Stromlings as possible, but shooting an innocent minifig results in an instant loss. The more Stromlings are shot, the more minifigs are sent into the LEGO Universe upon the mission's completion.

Mission Description

One of the ways The Maelstrom spreads its power in LEGO Universe is by infected unlucky minifigs and creatures. These corrupted souls then move through worlds leaving chaos and destruction in their wake. The Maelstrom minions you see here are the ones we know about. It's the ones we don't know about that are most worrying...

B.R.I.C.K. Tip

Get to know your Stromlings well and choose wisely. Innocent minifigs are fragile beings.


  • The Stromling identification sheet that appears in this mission plays a role in Mission 20. Players must refer to this sheet to determine the Risk Level of a particular Stromling.