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Mission 13 is the thirteenth mission of The Great Minifig Mission.

Players are given a four-by-four tile grid. When clicked on, each tile will reveal an image pertaining to Nexus Force or one of its four factions, with the exception of one tile which displays a miscellaneous image such as a sextant. Players can click on three tiles at a time. If all three of them pertain to the same subject, they will fly off the puzzle. If not, their images will disappear. Players must match three tiles for each of the five subjects before all of the glowing LEGO studs at the edge of the puzzle stop glowing. When this is accomplished, ten minifigures will be sent into the LEGO Universe.

For each of the four factions, players must match that faction's founder, equipment, and emblem. For Nexus Force, players must match the mugshots of the faction leaders, Nexus Tower, and the Nexus Force emblem.

Mission Description

While they agreed that the last remaining piece of pure imagination needed to be protected, the Nexus Force leaders were at odds over the best way to do this. They decided to divide the Nexus Force into Factions. Each Faction would fight the Maelstrom and work to protect the pure imagination based on its particular strengths: Building, Battle, Exploration and the secretive, dangerous practice of Maelstrom research!

B.R.I.C.K. Tip

Do your best to piece together the mystery of the Factions. Find and match the three images for each group.