Mission 20

Mission 20 is the final mission of The Great Minifig Mission.

Mission 20 can be difficult and requires knowledge of previous missions to complete. It is divided into three different sections, each one pertaining to a different mission of The Great Minifig Mission.

The first part is the cover of a diary, with the words "WHO AM I?" written in minifigure alphabet. Thirteen dials appear underneath, each one resting on the letter "A", and a slider appears over one of the dials. Players must click and drag the dial underneath each slot to change the letter that appears. The slider can be moved sideways to switch to different letter slots. Players must refer to the radio of Mission 2 or Mission 7 to write in the name of the diary's owner: BARONTYPHONUS. Then, players must press the "ON/OFF" switch at the bottom to open the diary and move on to the second part. If the word is incorrect, the diary becomes locked, and players must restart the game.


Mission 20 - Part 2

The second part will show a computer screen with a bar on the left and a displayed Stromling on the right. The bar will raise to indicate a particular risk level. The displayed Stromling can be changed by clicking on green left and right arrows. Players must refer to the Stromling identification sheet of Mission 12 to correctly identify each risk level with its corresponding Stromling breed. For example, the risk level "Dangerous" corresponds with the standard Stromling. When the breed is matched, players must click the green check mark and repeat for a few more types of Stromlings before the computer screen will shatter and move on to the third part.


Mission 20 - Part 3

The third part will show a dial labeled with the numbers zero through nine. There is also a purple screen which will generate a symbol. Players must refer to Mission 8 to determine how many times this symbol appears on Doc Overbuild's scanner. Players must move the dial to the appropriate number, then repeat for several other symbols. Not all symbols appear in Mission 8. When no symbol appears in the purple screen, players must click the glowing unlock button in the center of the dial.

If done correctly, the dial will slide away to reveal a computer screen. On this screen, players can watch four LEGO Universe trailers: "Play", "Battle", "Build", and "The Story - Long Version".

Mission Description

Thanks to you, millions of minifigures have populated LEGO Universe and are working together to push back the power of The Maelstrom. Soon it will be your turn. To find out when you will enter LEGO Universe, complete this final challenge. It may be the last of the Great Minifig Missions, but for LEGO Universe it is just the beginning...

B.R.I.C.K. Tip

To progress through the following three doors and see your future you must first look to the past.

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