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Example of a puzzle in mission 3.

Mission 3 is the third mission of The Great Minifig Mission.

Players are given a simple four-by-four slider puzzle made from pre-release screenshots of the Venture Explorer, Avant Gardens, and Gnarled Forest. The sooner players finish the slider puzzle, the more minifigs will be sent into the LEGO Universe.

Mission Description

The Maelstrom is what the minifigs call the dark menace that is spreading chaos and destruction thought out LEGO Universe. Its power infects everything it touches. Your mission is to complete the slider puzzle before the Maelstrom catches up with you!

B.R.I.C.K. Tip

Work fast!

Solving techniques

Because the puzzles always start randomly, It is difficult to make a good guide for solving the puzzle boxes. However, this guide might prove useful for some players:

  • Do the top row first.
  • Do the second row second.
  • Do the third row third.
  • Do the first two squares of the bottom row fourth.
  • Finish the puzzle with the the last two squares of the bottom row.