The map of worlds where the treasure is hidden

Mission 4 is the fourth mission of The Great Minifig Mission.

Players are given a map of various LEGO worlds, each one represented by an object or creature. Players are quickly shown a series of pictures, which they must memorize and then select the corresponding worlds in the correct order. A good way to memorize the sequence is to quickly write down the objects as they appear. If done successfully, players will help a number of minifigures enter the LEGO Universe.

Mission Description

A notorious space pirate Hael Storm has plundered treasure from many worlds and is a wanted minifig on most of them. Your mission is to guide Hael Doc and Baron to Duke Exeter's location without running into any trouble. Do this by memorizing the objects and their order of appearance and then choose the correct path from start to finish.

B.R.I.C.K Tip

The order of the objects keeps changing. Write down as many as you remember before setting out on the journey.


  • Although the map depicts what appears to be planet chunks, there were no known planet chunks prior to the shattering of Planet Crux.
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