Mission 6

An example of the map with the compasses completed.

Mission 6 is a logic puzzle and the sixth mission of the Great Minifig Mission.

The player must re-build three compasses to point to the location of an ancient structure built by the First Builders on Gallant 5. However, the compasses have to be assembled correctly, with the aid of only a few clues at the bottom of the screen. Once the compasses have been correctly built, they will point to one of the locations on the map. Below that location, there will be a series of minifigure letters, which the player must decode and enter into the answer box. There are five locations on the map, but the names of the locations are placed randomly. Players send 10 minifigs into the LEGO Universe upon finishing. The location names are:

  • Eurus Field
  • Jovian Sector
  • Flugels Belt
  • Universal Drift
  • Meterio DC
  • Ascending Node
  • Shepherd Moons
  • Caloerts Zenith
  • Nth Degree
  • Apoapsis
  • Outer Zone
  • Termination Shock
  • Upper Quadrent

Mission Description

With Duke Exeter found, the explorers sent out for Gallant 5, the site of the ancient structure built by the mythical First Builders. To prevent others from following, they smashed their compasses. But before leaving Gallant 5, Doc Overbuild created cryptic clues for those with enough imagination to retrace the journey. If rebuilt correctly, the compasses would point to locations visited by the explorers.

B.R.I.C.K. Tip

Clues describe how to correctly rebuild the compasses and also their positions at the bottom of the map.

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