Mission 7

The radio from mission 7

Mission 7 is the seventh mission of The Great Minifig Mission.

Mission 7 is much like Mission 2. Players see an old radio transmitting the story of four explorers' long-ago journey for the planet Crux. Players are also given a page ripped from the diary of Baron Typhonus, which is missing several words. Players must tune into the correct channel on the radio, listen to it, and fill in the gaps on the diary page. The main differences are that the message is longer and the radio has a channel knob added along with the other two. For completing this mission, players send 20 minifigures into the LEGO Universe.

Mission Description

For months, the four explorers scoured the farthest reaches of the Universe for the pure imagination. They noticed no change in their fortunes but Doc, Hael and Duke certainly noticed a difference in the Baron, who seemed increasingly upset, and spent much time recording entries in his diary. By the time they reached Planet Crux, the three feared for the welfare of their friend...

B.R.I.C.K. Tip

The old radio is slowly disintegrating. Use the slider, knob, handle and channel changer to find and tune into the channel.


"Day 57. In the beginning, the universe was a place of pure, unbridled imagination. Ideas flowed freely until one day ideas formed into bricks. Bricks joined together and soon the entire universe became a hive of building activity. Eventually bricks formed into creatures. These creatures, gifted with the Creative Spark, were called The First Builders and were the first to experiment with pure imagination. How utterly thrilling! To have been present at such a time in our history. Given free rein to create whatever I wanted.

Day 60. Legend has it that the last essence is guarded by descendants of the First Builders. It is said they watch over the pure imagination to ensure that it is not used improperly, by those who do not follow the Code of Honor. Code of Honor! Pah! These ancient superstitions are truly tiresome. The only way the universe can truly flourish is if imagination is once again free of rules. And I am the one to break these rules. Give me a universe without codes. Give me dishonor. Give me ----!"

Note: The last word is found on a separate channel than the rest of the message fragments. The word is repeated every five or six seconds, and is most of the times is completely unrelated.

List of possibilities for the last word:

  • Pirates
  • Puppies
  • Treasure
  • Shame
  • Freedom
  • Power
  • Chaos
  • Danger
  • Space

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