Mission 8 example

Mission 8 is the eighth mission in The Great Minifig Mission. Your goal is to complete the mission and send minifigs into the universe.

Players are given one of Doc Overbuild's first scanners and must position the pieces. When all the pieces are put in the slots, it will reveal how many big parts and small parts are in the correct positions. Once all the pieces are put in the right positions, they will turn and will produce a code. Players need to work out the code with the minifigure alphabet translator and enter it into the code bar. If players get it correct, minifigs will be sent into the LEGO Universe. If done fast enough, players will get a time bonus, which will send even more minifigs into the universe.

Mission Description

The explorers built many devices to help them locate the energy source emanating from the last essence of pure imagination. This is one of Doc's first scanners. Based on readings from the surface of a planet, he would position the pieces and a line of data would be produced, telling the explorers if the world bore the mythical element. You don't have such readings to guide you but see if you can make the scanner work.

B.R.I.C.K. Tip

Once pieces are in the right positions the line of data will be revealed. Translate and enter this into the code window.


  • The scanner in this mission plays a role in Mission 20. Players must count the symbols that appear on the scanner's pieces to solve the third part of Mission 20.
  • The Imagimeter Base, a device used by the explorers aboard the Venture Koi to determine whether or not a planet they found was Planet Crux, is possibly a later version of Doc Overbuild's scanner. Like this scanner, the Imagimeter Base required the positioning of several Imagimeter Shards and, upon locating Planet Crux, produced a beam of light.
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