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Mission 9 is the ninth mission of The Great Minifig Mission.

To complete Mission 9, players must upload a creation to the challenge 'Build what you like!'. When the creation is approved, players send 200 minifigures into the LEGO Universe. Players can only send minifigs with their first approved creation; subsequent creations do not send minifigs.

Mission Description

The explorers finally found what they were looking for on the cube-shaped planet of Crux. With access to an immense source of pure imagination, they set about imagining their favorite things. And the source provided. But for one among them, the thing he desired most would change the shape of Planet Crux - and the Universe - forever!

B.R.I.C.K. Tip

This is where your imagination is truly put to the test. Think hard and good luck!


  • This mission was reenacted in the introduction movie to LEGO Universe, in which the four explorers find the Imagination Nexus on Planet Crux and use it to imagine a pirate ship, castle, and Robot Dog.
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