Model Vending Machine
Nexus Tower Model Vending Machine
Theme Vendor
World Previously - Avant Gardens

Currently - Nexus Tower


The Model Vending Machine is a machine in Nexus Tower which sells models from the Office Model set.

It was originally released in the Avant Gardens Launch Area following the February update, to sell new Farm and Mech Bay model sets, as well as the Fort model set, which was previously sold by Autumn Helix. They were transfered likely to free up space so Autumn could sell more models in the Safari set than she did in the Airport set; unknown to players at the time, Safari was to be released in May.

In June, with the release of Nexus Tower, the vending machine also made an appearance in the Assembly Storeroom, selling the exact same models as its Avant Gardens counterpart. It did not have a name at the time, though a Nexus Force Plaque claimed it to be a brick vendor.

This was finally fixed in the August 2011 update, where the Vending Machine in Avant Gardens was removed. Its Nexus Tower successor recieved a name in the vendor window, and the model inventory was doled out among NPCs in the Launch Area. A new model set, Office, was introduced to the machine. Incidentally, one part of this set was already available from the Thirsty Traveler achievement.


  • The Avant Gardens Model Vending Machine used the same model and textures as the Avant Gardens Wishing Well. The Nexus Tower Model Vending Machine has a slightly-different texture that replaces black bricks with light-gray bricks.
  • After the August 2011 update, the Vending Machine in Avant Gardens was removed. PRDX-4 began selling Mech Bay Ball-Bot Base models, and Dusty Holster sells the Fort Farm Models