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This article is about the minigame in Avant Gardens. You may be looking for Monument Race (Mission), a mission given by Vector Longview.

Monument Race
Monument Race 1
World Avant Gardens
Main Location of The Monument
Enemies None

The Monument Race is a minigame in Avant Gardens. Minifigures are challenged to climb to the top of The Monument and reach Vector Longview as quickly as possible.

To start a race, players must interact with the Starting Line near Rusty Steele. The race will allow players up to 99 seconds to reach the top before canceling. Exiting the monument area will cancel the race. Using the Pet Bouncer as a cheat to climb the monument will also cancel the race.

Players must run and take either the Yellow, Green, or Orange monument path, though any variation of them is allowed as they interchange several times. Each path has its own obstacles and secrets, possibly shortcuts, to reach the top. They all require at least one quick-build to climb, however several ways have been found which do not require the use of a quick-build. These ways take almost twice as long to complete.

The orange path requires the use of three quick builds, and timed jumping onto two moving platforms, with a lofty staircase climb at the end. The green monument path requires two quick builds, but the same staircase must be climbed to reach the bouncer which carries players across to the finish line.

The yellow path takes a different approach, only requiring one quickbuild, however the build smashes rather quickly at the top, so players must be fast. The path also requires players to smash and travel through a tunnel, as well as careful jumps at the top of the monument to keep from falling. While on the elevator quick build, one can fall off easily if not careful. The yellow path has some Health Flags and well as the Avant Gardens Imagination Brick.


The race is unlocked by completing a mission chain for Vector Longview after the Spider Queen is defeated. Players must complete the following missions to unlock the race:


  • 2:00 (bronze): Monument Shirt
  • 1:30 (silver): Speedy Cap
  • 1:00 (gold): Celebration Wand

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