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Morty Mizzenmast
Morty mizzenmast
Theme Pirates
World Gnarled Forest
Quote "Sssch... Them landlubber don't know you can hornswaggle by nailing 3 targets in a row to get a score multiplier. Get that 5 x multiplier, and your score is sure to skyrocket."[1]

Morty Mizzenmast is a Pirate Chumchopper NPC in the Gnarled Forest Pirate Camp. He does nothing but sleep all day in front of his shack by the campfire, although he occasionally tosses and turns in his sleep. He currently has no missions or dialogue and remains merely a background character in the game.

Morty Mizzenmast is actually quite knowledgeable about the Cannon Cove Shooting Gallery. In one of his rare waking moments, he gave Captain Jack Knife a tip about getting score multipliers by hitting numerous targets in a row. Although Morty claimed that non-pirates did not know this tip, he was overheard and the hint was spread in a news article.[1]

Beta Information

In alpha testing and early beta testing, Morty Mizzenmast was an unnamed pirate with a different face who wore a torn sleeveless red shirt and black pants. In mid-beta testing, Morty Mizzenmast replaced this unnamed pirate, but wore a Cavalry Shirt. He did not wear sunglasses until the Frostivus update.



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